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Passion and creativity have always been what move me. It wasn't until I began my professional career, that I realized why - Interaction. In performing arts, I interact with myself, with my audience, or with another such as a dance partner or aerial apparatus. I've always loved exploring how those interactions can make people feel. What response will come if I move my hand in a different way? If I modify the emotion I'm portraying? If the movement is tense versus soft?

When I'm performing, I often think of a speech given by one of my favorite choreographers Alonzo King on dancing with the heart. He says, "In dancing we want to see the truth. What you admire in human beings. We want to see what are you living? What are you experiencing? For great art you have to be brave. If you want to be beautiful tell the truth. The truth is beautiful."

I try to apply these same principles in my design work as well. If I can understand the ways my users are experiencing the product, then I can better design it to tell the truth and to give my users a clear pathway to their end goal.


AppFolio Websites | December 2019

  • Click Testing

  • Web Page Design

As a side project, I created two click test variations to see if we could make the pathway to user's tenant portal more intuitive.

Screenshot of Click Test for online portal navigation
Screenshot of the overview outlining th HOA Website Researc project


AppFolio Analytics Research Community | July 2019

  • Interviews

  • Information Architecture

Conducted interviews with existing HOA AppFolio customers to learn how we could improve our website offering for their business. Research was adopted by the Product team who used the information to redesign and develop SaaS offering. 


AppFolio Websites | May 2019

  • Interviews

  • Web Page Design

  • Information Architecture

I conducted research with AppFolio website customers across the US resulting in new designs of property webpage architecture, navigation, and content to address user frustrations. 

Two examples of the property pages developed after discovery calls

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.

Scott Adams

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