Liv is an experienced dancer, aerialist, rock climber, musician, explorer, and writer fueled by passion, creativity, and a desire to experience all that life has to offer.

Aerialist and Rock Climber Olivia Davi at Lizards Mouth in Santa Barbara, California

About Liv

Olivia (Liv) Davi is an experienced dancer, aerialist, musician, and rock climber residing in Santa Barbara, California.

She has performed with many local music, dance and aerial art groups including the UCSB Middle East Ensemble (2012-2014), Airedanse Collective (2017-2018), and Elevated Dreams Performance Tribe (2016-Present). 


In 2013, Liv was awarded a full-ride scholarship to the Middle East Music and Dance camp in Mendocino, California where she studied authentic styles of Middle Eastern music and dance from world-class performers including George Laman and Shahrzad Khorsandi.

Since 2016, she has trained in aerial arts with world-class aerial and circus performers including Autumn Lotus, Matthew Leopold (The Greatest Showman), Tammy Firefly, and Katelyn Carano.

She continues to perform in popular events in the area including including 1st Thursdays, One Love Festival, Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Celebration, Lucidity Festival, and BASSH, as well as the Fishbon Pescadrome's interactive theater events Conspiratorium and Blisstopia.


Today, Liv works closely with resident artists at the Santa Barbara Center for Arts, Science and Technology (SBCAST) and teaches Aerial Silks for Beginners at Elevated Dreams in Santa Barbara. 

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Liv offers aerial rigging, performances, workshops and lessons across three different aerial apparatuses. Contact her today to discuss your aerial needs.